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Hi! I'm Mia, pronounced Maya, welcome to my website!
     For many it would take a lifetime to accomplish what Mia Bergmann has in such a short period of time. While currently still a high school student, she has managed to excel greatly in both the classroom and in her music career. Mia is a seasoned performer with an intense passion for her craft that has allowed her the opportunity to share the stage with headline acts such as Dustin Lynch, Colt Ford, The Bacon Brothers, and John Michael Montgomery locally, nationally and internationally. Beginning to play guitar and write songs at the age of twelve, Mia was fortunate enough to learn the craft of songwriting from ASCAP Songwriter of the Year, Keith Follese who also produced her first album. To her credit, Mia has written over fifty songs and has played over a hundred shows in just two years. 

     Growing up with music constantly playing in the house and going to concerts regularly at an early age, it isn’t a surprise that Mia got so into music. With influences such as Stevie Nicks, Kacey Musgraves, Zac Brown, Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash, Mia takes bits and pieces of what she listens to and shapes her own style. With a love for lyrics and song meanings, she has found a way through her songs to express how she is feeling and what inspires her. During her travels back and forth between Nashville and New Jersey, Mia caught the interest of Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker who continues to play a major roll in her development. Rick is constantly using her as an example with his other clients on how you can continue to get an education and pursue your dreams of making it in the music business. “As much as Mia’s music is shaping her own life, we are also seeing the effect her music has on others” Barker says. 
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